Stair treads are the individual steps on a staircase which is used to ascend or descend the stairs. Since stair treads are subjected to thousands of footfalls, especially in a commercial area, special care is taken to ensure that it is highly durable and can withstand the impact.

wooden stair treads
wooden stair treads and risers

Stair Treads

Full thickness stair treads, at a uniform thickness, are a popular choice of tread style due to their strength and visual appeal. They are an excellent, versatile choice for most new stair case requirements. Constructed by gluing boards from front to back and applying a full bullnose to the front of each tread, these are excellent all-purpose, sturdy treads.


Redecoration Stair Treads

When all you need is a simple, utilitarian stair tread - for example, to upgrade your carpeted steps - a replacement stair tread may be your answer. Also called retro fit treads, replacement treads have a thinner body - a small strip is glued to the front to make a full 1" bullnose. They are designed to fit over existing stairs and allow the bullnose (the piece at the front of each tread) to cover the front of each existing step.

custom wood stair treads
custom wood stair parts

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