"Trysquare is one of India’s foremost names in luxury flooring. Trusted in homes and offices across the country for decades, Trysquare offers high quality, natural wood flooring designed for the hot, tropical climates found in India."

Helmed by driven, passionate professionals, Trysquare offers fine flooring solutions. With new product lines, innovative finishes and custom-sourced quality products, Trysquare helps every consumer realize their flooring aspirations. A robust dealer network and skilled teams ensure the successful completion of every single assignment. With quality and style as its bywords, Trysquare has developed a reputation for excellence amongst today’s discerning customers.

Trysquare Flooring Private Limited was started in 2004 by a team of passionate, young people who has a cumulative industry experience of about 13 years. In a span of seven years, Trysquare has grown to be a well known brand across various parts of India.This has been possible due to its market strategy and strong dealer network.


Our Background & Expertise

For the last 13 years, the name Trysquare has stood for tradition, innovation, and expertise in timber. Ever since our inception in 2004, every home and office space we’ve worked on is nothing short of a masterpiece. We take pride in our rounded understanding of the psychology of timber through our years of experience. From forest to floor, we adhere to sustainable forestry practices, and are in fact the only player in the Indian market to import wood under our own brand name.

Our team of skilled carpenters are true artisans with a love and feel for fine wood. They understand and appreciate that each grain pattern and color tone tells a different story, and strive to bring out the best in each board so that your taste and vision comes to life.


What we do

Choosing the right kind of wood is of prime importance as it can completely change the character of your home or office space, and have an impact on your décor and upholstery as well.

Apart from installation of your wooden flooring, we also provide consultation in terms of what kind of wood would match your tastes and architecture. Our team of interior designers also provides suggestions as to what décor would best match your flooring.


Why us ?

Every type of wood has different characteristics and properties. Having over 13 years of experience in this industry, we come with the expertise of understanding timber and how it behaves. Wood is not a product that one can buy off the shelf and use without understanding its properties. Reaction with moisture and climatic conditions greatly affects the choice of wood. We evaluate all parameters and recommend the variety of wood that is best suited for the place in which your property is.


5 Reasons to Choose Trysquare for Wooden Floors


We take pride in the fact that most of our business has come through referrals of satisfied customers. We honor and value the trust our clients place in us and give in our best to live up to the reputation we’ve built.

Endless Design Option

We understand that one size does not fit all. This is why our team of experts have created a plethora of design options that will ensure that every person finds something that suits their palate.

Full Service

Once we receive the order, we take care of everything from consultation, to procurement, to delivery to after sales service end to end. You as a customer will have the most hassle-free and pleasant experience with us.

Quality Materials

We are extremely passionate about our work and take wood very seriously. We do not compromise on quality and ensure that the product used and delivered is long lasting and high on quality.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In our 13 years of service, we’ve never once had a dissatisfied or unsatisfied customer. We go that extra mile to ensure that we exceed your expectations and bring that satisfied smile on your face.

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