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  • September 28th, 2018
  • Neetu Singh / Wood Designs Expert

World Day of Architecture: Importance of Architects and Why They Deserve To Be Appreciated

To celebrate the science of creating habitats and the brains behind them, World Architecture Day or World Day of Architecture is observed on October 1st every year. This day used to be celebrated on the first Monday of October since its inception in 1996. Only recently it has been revised to 1st October so it can coincide with the United Nations World Habitat Day.

Many of us have been inspired to transform our properties by architectural reality. Amidst the excitement of the prospect of starting a new venture, you may think that a building project can easily be taken on as a novice and succeed. The reality of fulfilling the role of client, designer and project manager all by yourself is not as simple as you may think!

We have evolved much beyond the function of mere shelters from the elements in living, working and recreational spaces. Our spaces have become an extension of our desires, our statements of purpose, and the mediums of expression of our status, aspirations.

Over centuries, most notably professional architects who have created spaces of lasting significance and have brought meaning to the existence of millions of lives in their homes, neighborhoods, villages, towns, and cities. We need to recognize and celebrate the discipline of architecture and its practitioners – the architects; without whom our collective and individual living experience would just not be the same!

Architecture and construction are extremely complicated and detailed. Letting an architect give shape to your dream space is the best thing you could do to create a beautiful, harmonious, functional and sustainable structural space for yourself. They possess the necessary training, exposure, experience and talent to maximise the potential of a space and lend it your personal touch as per your needs.

World Architect Day

Here are some of the reasons as to why you need an architect to envision, design and execute your building projects, be it your personal abode or a commercial space:

1. Architects are Practical Dreamers
An architect is an artist who paints your dreams into reality. They provide innovative, imaginative and aesthetic design solutions. It’s an architect’s vision and flair for details that make the success of a space. Being clued in to the latest design and technological advances in their field, an architect will always provide the best and most attractive options for your needs. It’s all in the eye of an architect, whether it be design detail, optimise space utilisation, light up dark spaces, reduce energy consumption or remodeling of an old structure. Only the experience of an architect can ensure that electrical board are hidden, sliding doors are used where a regular door is wasting space, a skylight is added where windows are not a possibility as so on.

2. Architects give Peace of Mind
It is a tough job to keep an eye on contractors and suppliers who can cut corners and flout norms for their profit. This is where the architect steps in. He/she has the know-how and experience to keep a check on the health, safety and structural integrity of your project. An architect’s design will always be as per the approved building by-laws and norms, and therefore, ensures that it’s a risk-free project.

3. Architects bring Value For Money
An architect will work with your budget and ensure it is spent wisely. They have the necessary industry connections to get you the best rates from contractors, best suited suppliers and source the most cost effective, yet durable materials for your construction. Without an architect keeping a constant eye on all the parameters, it is very easy for building costs to spiral out of budget. An architect also ensures the timeline is adhered to as overruns can increase project costs.

So come… let’s raise a toast to all architects on World Architecture Day, for they are the true visionaries of a sustainable, cohesive world habitat which is at one with its environment!

Neetu Profile (Business Developer and Technical Advisor)

Neetu Singh (Business Developer and Technical Advisor)
Neetu is working with Trysquare Flooring Pvt LTD, Banglore as a business developer and technical advisor as well. She has been working in this field for the last 12 years which has contributed to her technical know-how and an in-depth understanding of the customer’s requirements. This helps in providing a customised and unique design for every client. During her spare time, she pens down her ideas, research and finds for Trysquare’s blog. She is an avid reader, travel enthusiast and nature lover.


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