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  • August 30th, 2018
  • Neetu Singh / Wood Designs Expert

Things to consider while purchasing customised wooden flooring


We all have memories from our many travels, of a beautifully patterned wooden floor of a palatial bedroom or the dramatic foyer of a convention hall or the elaborately patterned floor of an empty ballroom. Flooring always got a lot of attention in the days gone by in the grand old palaces, period mansions, theatres and opera houses. However, lately we have noticed a resurgence of customised flooring at many places.
Recently, I couldn’t take my eyes off the floor of a few upmarket boutiques where a great deal of work had been lavished on customising their wooden flooring. The other day, on a visit to a newly opened restaurant I liked the way their wooden flooring was alternating in different patterns which ran seamlessly into each other in the same length. Then, while on a visit to a friend’s house, a beautiful medallion design in the drawing room caught my attention. We realised then, that customised wooden flooring was back in a big way and was a great way to make a statement.
One can create unique customised wooden flooring in many ways. But, one has to keep in mind the amount of space involved, the position and usage of the space and what effect the customisation seeks to project. Here’s a run through of the things to consider while purchasing customised wooden flooring from the Best Wooden Flooring Manufacturers in Bangalore.

Opt for light wood floors

Chevron patterned wood floor

This design uses a series of angle cuts to create a regularly repeating “V” pattern. Chevron patterned floors have a stunning 3 D effect. The beauty of this pattern is that it can make a small room look larger and make a statement at the same time.

Opt for light wood floors

Herringbone patterned wood floor

This varies from Chevron in that, though this too makes a “V” pattern, but no angled cuts are used. The square edges simply fit together creating a zigzag design. This is why unlike a Chevron; Herringbone Wood Floor layouts are better suited for large rooms, as it gives a lot of depth to space.
For people who are not afraid of trying something different for their homes or workspaces, try out any of these timeless flooring patterns to add glamour, drama, and interest to your floors. You can find a lot of these trends at Trysquare wood floors in Bangalore.

Opt for light wood floors

Inlaid wood accent feature

This is an age old technique of using medallion designs in a variety of patterns, sizes, styles and colours of wood to highlight certain areas of a space. The good news is these patterns work quite well in a modern format also. Square, round, hexagonal, there is infinite variety in medallion shapes which will increase the artistic value of your floor and give a depth to the area. But, you need to keep in mind following parameters before applying this technique to your floor:

1. Location-

Since medallion designs are geometrical set pieces they have to be placed in very specific locations. For large properties, these are placed at the entryway or foyer for dramatic impact. In a home one can use it in a dining area with the dining table gracing it’s middle. One can also use a medallion design on the floor encompassing a centre table in the living room, thus doing away with the necessity of a rug. The idea is to always choose a spot which will have the maximum visual impact.

2. Size it right –

The right scale for your medallion is critical to make an impact. A very large medallion design in a compact space will overpower the space and make it look too busy. Moreover, it’s true beauty will be hidden beneath the various articles of furniture dotting the space. Very small medallions will look lost and out of place in a space, if they are not highlighting a specific area where the eye is naturally drawn. A general thumb rule should be kept in mind while sizing your design, is that the medallion should be one-third of the width of the room. So, an 18×12 feet room should ideally use a 4 foot medallion.

3. Type of pattern –

Small medallions should be made in minimalistic patterns to show up the textures clearly. On the other hand elaborate designs look great on large floor spaces.

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Neetu Profile (Business Developer and Technical Advisor)

Neetu Singh (Business Developer and Technical Advisor)
Neetu is working with Trysquare Flooring Pvt LTD, Banglore as a business developer and technical advisor as well. She has been working in this field for the last 12 years which has contributed to her technical know-how and an in-depth understanding of the customer’s requirements. This helps in providing a customised and unique design for every client. During her spare time, she pens down her ideas, research and finds for Trysquare’s blog. She is an avid reader, travel enthusiast and nature lover.


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