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  • October 12th, 2018
  • Neetu Singh

Danish Walnut Floors, IPE Wall, Ceiling Clads & IPE Deck Tiles Supplied & Installed by Trysquare for a Private Residence

Project: Private Residence, Mysore
Floor product: Danish Natural Walnut
Wall cladding, Ceiling and Deck: Ipe planks and Ipe Tiles

The manner in which intelligent and innovative use of flooring, ceiling and cladding materials can completely transform the look and feel and appeal of a house can be illustrated in this residential project that was executed by our team.

Trysquare was entrusted with the task of transforming a home in Mysore where the focus was to be on four elements – the floor, the ceiling, wall cladding and gate cladding. The architect behind this project, Black Box Design Studio, presented an interesting project that beautified both the interior and exterior of the home using TRYSQUARE wood products extensively.

15 years of an association involving both residential and commercial projects, gave the architect the confidence to entrust Trysquare with this 6000 sq.ft residence.

Now coming to what our team actually did in the project.

Bedrooms spanning over 1000 sq ft each, gave us the opportunity to suggest the wide format Danish Natural Walnut engineered floors. The width and warm look of this product enhances the space making it appear natural and uncluttered.

The medium dark shade of the Danish Natural Walnut wood proved a heady mix. The combination of this floor, modern furniture and a variety of fabrics blended beautifully.

Bed Rooms:
The grandeur of wide planks Natural Walnut in large spaces.

Wall Cladding:

The 3D elevations provided by the architect suggested a wood look for the cladding and under ceiling applications. Our team was again called upon for suggestions between natural wood cladding (IPE wood) and wood composite material (WPC).
As the designs suggested a natural wooden look, our team suggested IPE wood clads.

Wall Clads and Under-Ceiling:
IPE Decking & cladding (Brazilian Walnut) is olive-brown to dark-brown color wood. It is one of the strongest wood known to humans and is naturally resistant to termites and mould. It’s environment-friendly and is considered to be twice as strong as oak and better than teak. Due to its strength and durability, it is considered a great choice for both decking and wall cladding.


The project also entailed transforming a deck area within the house. Deck tiles were suggested since the area of use was considered as ‘busy’ and prone to regular maintenance. IPE interlocking deck tiles are free floated on the existing floor and can be dismantled and reset easily for cleaning purposes. These tiles are easy to work with making it easy for even a layman to remove, clean and re-fix them with minimal effort.

During the entire process of working on this project, the teams of Trysquare worked with the Architect & the customer presenting them with sample mock ups, where required. This enabled clear understanding and easy visualisation of design concepts by the client.

It’s a worth mention that the entire project was completed under two months.

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Our team of experts can suggest a unique walnut floor, installed exactly to your specifications and taste, whatever project you’re working on!

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Neetu Profile (Business Developer and Technical Advisor)

Neetu Singh (Business Developer and Technical Advisor)
Neetu is working with Trysquare Flooring Pvt LTD, Banglore as a business developer and technical advisor as well. She has been working in this field for the last 12 years which has contributed to her technical know-how and an in-depth understanding of the customer’s requirements. This helps in providing a customised and unique design for every client. During her spare time, she pens down her ideas, research and finds for Trysquare’s blog. She is an avid reader, travel enthusiast and nature lover.


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