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  • June 13th, 2018
  • Nitin Agarwal/ CEO Blog

The Journey of Trysquare from just another Wooden Flooring Company to one that offers Complete Design Solutions

Discussions with friends have often led to the best ideas in the field of business and that’s exactly how Trysquare was born. Trysquare, which actually is a right angle measuring tool, used by architects and carpenters, felt like the most appropriate name for our brand. What better way to announce our arrival in the market!

We started in July 2003 as a company that would fill the gap of alternate flooring options to tiles/stones or marbles. From the very beginning, we were sure that we wanted to traverse the path of luxury flooring options. However, we were not sure where to begin. What we knew though was that we wanted to offer a natural product as a flooring option that would add warmth and elegance to interiors.

Thankfully, we got our first break soon after, wherein we had to do the flooring of an entire apartment. It proved to be a turning point for us and helped boost our confidence. It solidified our belief that our idea could turn into a viable business. After all, it is these small milestones that keep any entrepreneur going and make the journey worth it!

I still reminisce about the times when we had to demonstrate experiments to convince designers and customers about to the quality our products. Our conviction in our products and deep involvement at that stage helped us win over customers and establish a strong footing for Trysquare in the market as brand that stood for “Trust”. Over the years, Trysquare has evolved and become synonymous with luxury, reliability, expertise, experience, solidarity and immaculate service.

These things don’t come easy to even the biggest of brands, so the fact that we have earned this credibility and reputation in the market in a fairly short time is a huge advantage for us. Moreover, it’s the primary reason that drives clients our way. Of course, it wasn’t easy and required years of careful planning and ground work.

Our key differentiator has been the fact that we understand wood and its performance under different conditions and our products are developed based on research of wood behaviour in the tropical Indian weather conditions. This has been the driver behind our evolution from just another wooden flooring company to that of a brand.

Most remarkably, Trysquare is now a luxury design brand to reckon with, not just in the domestic markets, but in the international markets as well. As a result, we are a partner and the choice for several leading interior designers and architects, both in India and abroad. The fact that our luxurious offerings continue to be affordable has worked in our favour too. Our aptly selected design solutions fit all budgets.

Speaking of the market, the flooring aspect as a part of interior design has seen many shifts in the last couple of decades, with wooden flooring now becoming a mainstream product for interior as well as exterior design. We foresee this segment fragmenting into special designs and conventional wooden flooring as two individual segments.

From the customers perspective too, there is far greater awareness and emphasis on aesthetics and creating spaces that are an extension of their personalities. A survey suggests that in the next five years, the wooden flooring market in India will more than double. This is not surprising, given the importance of wooden flooring as a key component of designing interiors and creating an aura that exudes luxury. The fact that the impact of demonetisation and GST implementation is gradually wearing off will work in favour of the industry too.

Moreover the demand from the residential sector has been picking up pace in recent years. The market potential in the interior design industry, and within that the wooden flooring sector, is immense now. The need to evolve with choices and be able to offer a myriad of solutions to meet unique needs is essential.

Having foreseen early on the role of wood in designing residential and commercial spaces, we have gradually built Trysquare into a company that offers not just wooden flooring solutions, but serves as a one-stop-shop for your complete design needs with the best team of interior designers at your service to deliver personalized solutions that match your taste and lifestyle.

I wouldn’t be lying, if I said our solutions are sure to leave you ‘floored’!!…


Nitin CEO of Trysquare
Nitin CEO of Trysquare

Equipped with Masters in Marketing, Nitin Agarwal’s astute understanding of the micro aspects of the business and his vision helped him transform his company from a nascent stage to market leader in wooden flooring products within a span of ten years. Coming from a strong business family, he brings with him a wealth of experience in planning, execution and management in every aspect of business. A goals- oriented individual, driven by logic and research, he showcases deep understanding and professionalism in his field.  His charismatic client interactions and leadership skills have ensured a steady rise of his company. His amiable personality and inimitable sense of humour suffuses the group with positivity and energy.


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